A Powerful jQuery Plugin for Content Designing is Finally Here!

ContentBox.js is a jQuery plugin for designing. Combined with ContentBuilder.js as its editor, ContentBox.js allows you to add multiple (editable) section in a page, ready to design and fill with content. The result is simply HTML ready for saving.

Note: For saving images, the plugin uses a simple PHP or ASP.Net helper (included in the package).
Saving content is part of your application.

ContentBox.js is a design engine for CMS & web applications

Simple Start

You won't see complex, random designs to choose from, instead, a selection of simple sections is provided to start with. 

Simple Start.

Sample results.

Some of the features..

Adding background from local images.

Flexibe layout adjustment.

Flexible content positioning - that will adapt to screen sizes (desktop, phone or tablet).

Content resizing to fit your design.

Styling section.

Styling content.

Choosing overlay for the right mood.

Highlight your photograph elegantly.

Slider section.

Custom section for any purpose.

No Complex Style Settings

ContentBox.js is designed to make designing fun & simple.


Sample designs created using ContentBox.js


Designing using ContentBox.js

Creating "Services" Section
Duration: 1min 16sec.

Creating Slider Section
Duration: 1min 10sec.

Creating "Pricing" Section
Duration: 53sec.

Creating Multi Sections
Duration: 2min 9sec.

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Usage in hosted service (SaaS): Yes 
(1 project, unlimited users)

Resale in product: Yes 
(1 product)

Source Code: Yes

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Change License

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ContentBox.js includes ContentBuilder.js (minified) for content editing that can only be used within ContentBox.js. For usage independently, we'd recommend ContentBuilder.js full package.


  • All modern browsers with HTML 5 Specification (Chrome, Firefox, IE - 10 or later, Safari).
ContentBox.js is client side javascript (a JQuery plugin). However, for saving images on the server, the plugin uses a simple PHP or ASP.Net helper: 
  • PHP 5.x (for PHP environment).
  • ASPNET Framework 4.x (for ASPNET environment).