ContentBox.js 3.5 (July 2019)

A Beautifully Simple Web Builder jQuery Plugin

ContentBox.js is a minimalistic content builder & designer that you can use to create your own CMS or online site builder. 

A builder that minimizes complexity

No complex style settings, end-user oriented, design controls that focus only on the essentials.

Generate clean, editable HTML output

Edit content's HTML during designing. Advanced users will have full control over the content's code.

Support popular css frameworks

Use with or without popular css frameworks (example using Bootstrap framework is provided).

Quick Overview

Simple Start or Quick Start

You won't see complex, random designs to choose from, instead, a selection of simple sections is provided to start with. Or, you can browse predesigned sections (categorized by their purpose) to quickly start building your content.

Simple Start.

Quick Start.

Write anything beautifully
(ContentBuilder.js powered)

One click typography control.

Design controls to produce awesome sections and trigger more ideas.

Custom script embedding support.


Designing using ContentBox.js

Creating "Services" Section
Duration: 45sec.

Creating Slider Section
Duration: 1min 42sec.

Creating "Pricing" Section
Duration: 45sec.

Creating Multi Sections
Duration: 1min 11sec.

Quick Overview


Include the required js/css files and call:

     coverImageHandler: 'savecover.php', /* simple handler for image upload (can use other platform) */
     onChange: function () {
     useSidebar: true

To get the HTML content:

var sHTML = $('.is-wrapper').data('contentbox').html();

Order & Download



Websites for clients: Unlimited

Resale in product or usage as hosted service (SaaS): No

Source Code: No



Websites for clients: Unlimited

Resale in product or usage as hosted service (SaaS): Yes
(1 product, unlimited users)

Source Code: No



Websites for clients: Unlimited

Resale in product or usage as hosted service (SaaS): Yes 
(1 product, unlimited users)

Source Code: Yes

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ContentBox.js includes ContentBuilder.js (minified) for content editing that can only be used within ContentBox.js. For independent usage (outside of ContentBox.js), we recommend ContentBuilder.js full package.


  • All modern browsers with HTML 5 Specification (Chrome, Firefox, IE - 10 or later, Safari).

ContentBox.js is client side javascript (a JQuery plugin). However, for saving images on the server, server side script is needed. Example in PHP and ASP.NET for saving image is provided. You can also create your own handler depending on your server side environment.