A Step-by-step Guide (PDF ebook) + a Multi Site Builder Application

Site Builder Kit

Site Builder Kit contains a step-by-step guide to configure your first server & create your own online web building service. Your server will be able to:

  • Accept user signups
  • Allow users to create their own websites
  • Allow users to use custom domains
  • Automatically secure your users' website with https
  • Enable automatic publishing (from Github to live site)

You can use, customize, extend, and rebrand the application for your personal or commercial purposes. 

HTML, basic Javascript & database knowledge.

Powered with ContentBox.js page builder

The Site Builder Kit uses ContentBox.js as its page builder.  ContentBox.js is not just another landing page designer. It is a story builder that allows you to build your page in a magazine-style layout & produce beautiful typographic content.

What's inside the guide

Part 1: The Server

  1. Getting a Server
  2. Connecting to Your Server
  3. Adding a User
  4. More Convenient Authentication
  5. Setting-up a Firewall
  6. Configuring Time Zone
  7. Creating a Simple Website Using Node.js
  8. Making Your Website Publicly Accessible
  9. Keeping Your Website Alive
  10. Adding a Domain Name
  11. Accepting Multiple Custom Domains and Automatically Make Your Websites Secure with HTTPS
  12. Preparing Your Local Computer for Development
  13. Automating Your Website Publishing

Part 2: The Application

  1. Setting-up Database
  2. Creating a Database Utility 
  3. Creating a Component
  4. Applying Stylesheet
  5. Working with Form
  6. Posting Form Data
  7. Saving Form Data
  8. Adding User Login
  9. Displaying User Page
  10. Adding User Dashboard 
  11. Adding Page Builder
  12. Adding Site Settings
  13. Displaying User Site from a Custom Domain
  14. The Complete Project

Part 3: Bonus
Simplify Your Project Deployment

This part contains installation instructions from start to finish using Docker and Github Actions. Don't worry if you don't have experience with Docker or Github Actions. Some short videos (around 1-2 minutes per video) are provided to help you follow the installation instruction.

Prerequisites for this guide:

HTML, basic Javascript & database knowledge.

Book Preview

Download Sample Chapters

The application uses Next.js and MongoDB database. However, this guide doesn't assume any existing Next.js or MongoDB knowledge. It is designed for people who prefer to learn by doing. As an example, you can follow page 43-52 from the sample chapters to quickly get you started with Next.js and run it locally on your computer.

Application Preview

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Site Builder Kit


  • PDF Guide 
  • Multi Site Builder Application
    powered with ContentBox.js
  • Unlimited users & websites
  • Customize & rebrand the Application for your business

Site Builder Kit + Setup Assistance


  • PDF Guide 
  • Multi Site Builder Application
    powered with ContentBox.js
  • Unlimited users & websites
  • Customize & rebrand the Application for your business
  • We will setup everything for you

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For Site Builder Kit + Setup Assistance: you will need to have your server ready & provide us with the server info. If you don't have a server yet, you can get one for as low as $5, for example, from DigitalOcean. We highly recommend DigitalOcean for its ease of use.

Who is this kit for?

For Learners:

This guide can be used as learning material to get you started as a full-stack developer. With step-by-step instructions to follow, you will see the result immediately and get the idea of how things work in practice. The guide will introduce you to modern frameworks used in many production sites.

For Developers:

You can use the Site Builder application to host multiple website projects for your clients. All website are managed from a single application/dashboard.

From your Github repository, you can deploy updates to your live server with ease. 

For Startups & Studios:

You can rebrand the application to create your own web building service that accepts user signups. 

You can forward the Guide and application project to your dev team to be able to customize and extend it according to your specific needs.

Sample designs built with Site Builder Kit.

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