JQuery Plugin: InnovaStudio Content Builder (ContentBuilder.js)

Now You Can Have Drag & Drop Feature for Content Editing In Your Own Web Apps

InnovaStudio Content Builder (ContentBuilder.js) is a JQuery plugin that converts a <DIV> element into Editable Area. Unlike other editors, the plugin provides you with beautifully designed content blocks, ready to drag & drop. You can even create your own content blocks.

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JQuery Plugin: InnovaStudio Content Box (ContentBox.js)

A Powerful Design Engine for Web Apps & CMS

ContentBox.js is a jQuery plugin for designing. Combined with ContentBuilder.js as its editor, ContentBox.js allows you to add multiple (editable) section in a page, ready to design and fill with content. The result is simply HTML ready for saving.

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JQuery Plugin: InnovaStudio Book Maker (BookMaker.js)

Beautifully Simple Book Maker JQuery Plugin

Create & host your own online book maker service for personal or commercial purposes. BookMaker.js is built to help users create printable & sharable books in a minimalist & elegant style. 

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