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ContentBox.js v5.8.19

Featuring an AI Assistant & New Canvas Mode

ContentBox.js is a JavaScript library for web page design, introducing elegant magazine layouts to responsive web content.

Now, with its new AI Assistant, you can type or speak your commands to build your web page. Use ContentBox.js to create your own CMS or online site builder.

ContentBox.js uses the powerful ContentBuilder.js as its HTML editor, with added features for page designing.

No Code Animation Builder

Create on-view or on-scroll triggered animation with scrubbing, section pinning and more.

It's probably the only animation builder that has section pinning settings for scroll scrubbing, which normally requires manual coding (eg. using GSAP or ScrollTrigger). ContentBox.js brings this feature into a simple panel you can play with, complete with a Live Preview for various screen sizes.

AI-powered: Build web content & generate images by typing or speaking commands.

Unlike a single prompt generating a full site with predefined styles, the ContentBox.js AI Assistant works in a collaborative manner with designers. The assistant can perform specific tasks based on your instruction, such as increasing the font size, changing colors, adding elements, or even generating new content or layout ideas. It's the kind of assistant that works with designers' preferences and ideas!

Check out the AI-Assistant documentation for features and options:


* This feature requires OpenAI API Key.
* The AI-Image generation requires Getimg API Key.

Do you see the gray button? Make it a litle darker.

Let’s redesign the layout. Surprise me with a new idea!

Increase the headline font size

Underline the phrase ‘every monday’ please.

Change the section background color to light green.

Create a new section with a 300-word article about outdoor activities.

Can you suggest a captivating headline for us and replace the current one?

Write 30 words paragraph after the headline to showcase our solutions

Layout Freedom with Grid & Gridless Combined

More than just another landing page designer, ContentBox.js lets you create content with a magazine-style layout with its powerful grid system. You can also use popular CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, Tailwind CSS, and more. 

The new version features a Canvas (gridless) mode that allows you to resize, position, rotate blocks and arrange them at any breakpoint, giving you layout freedom for your content.

One-Click Typography Control

Explore a variety of typography styles and apply them to specific sections or the entire page with a single click. You can even use larger font sizes while maintaining responsiveness!

Essential Settings to Get Creative & Trigger More Ideas

No complex style settings; instead, find simple panels that you can experiment with to achieve your desired results or spark further ideas. The controls are focused only on the essentials.

— Everything you need to create beautiful content

Sections & blocks for any mission

Start with a simple section or choose from the templates library. Then edit or add blocks for your content.


ContentBox.js is written in pure Javascript (ES6 module) so you can use it in most situations. Sample use in simple HTML, PHP, React, Next.js, and Vue project are included in the package. Here is the simple usage example:

var builder = new ContentBox({
    /* options */

To get the content (HTML & its styles):

var html = builder.html();
var mainCss = builder.mainCss(); // get page style
var sectionCss = builder.sectionCss(); // get sections' styles

To load the content (HTML & its styles):

builder.loadStyles(mainCss, sectionCss);


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Understanding the Difference: Standard vs. Pro vs. Super Package


ContentBox.js includes fully functional ContentBuilder.js (minified) for editing that can only be used within ContentBox.js. For independent usage (outside of ContentBox.js), we recommend ContentBuilder.js full package.


All modern browsers with HTML 5 Specification (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari).

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