Why the New ContentBox/ContentBuilder Canvas Mode Differs from Other Drag & Drop Online Editors

1. Steady Blocks

Steady blocks maintain their width during page resizing while also preserving their position. Normally, achieving this using standard CSS (e.g., with percentage width and fixed pixel top/left positioning) is not possible.

Problem: text gets shrunken

Steady Blocks

With ContentBuilder/ContentBox built-in style, the Steady blocks eliminate the limitation present in absolute-positioned blocks, enabling layout freedom across various screen sizes.

2. Flexible Positioning at any Breakpoint

While positioning or resizing blocks, breakpoints are automatically added and saved. This eliminates the need for complex settings.

Canvas Mode in ContentBox.js

3. Grid & Gridless Advantages Combined

Within each moveable block (gridless), you still have the flexibility of the grid system, allowing you to create multiple rows/columns for your content. The Canvas mode combines the advantages of both Grid and Gridless approaches.

4. Create Print Projects (for ContentBuilder.js)

Canvas mode expands the horizons of ContentBuilder.js beyond web design, allowing for seamless integration with print projects.

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