ContentBuilder.js (ver. 3.2)

Write Anything Beautifully

ContentBuilder.js is a content editor + layout builder JQuery plugin. It introduces simplicity and helps you write beautiful content for your website or CMS.

A Minimalistic editor for your web apps, CMS, or Online site builder

Start with simple blocks or choose from the library. The editing controls focus only on the essentials, to help you write with less distraction.

Clear Interface. Build Layout Faster

Drag & drop can be inefficient. ContentBuider.js uses simple click/tap to build content or change layout - a new UX approach for layout building that you may not find anywhere else (at the moment).

Element Level Editing Without Complexity

Improve editing experience with the flexibility to manage rows, columns & elements the right way (all without adding complexity to the HTML structure).

Super Easy Image Handling

Note: The image embed uses base64 format which can be saved automatically as jpg or png. Saving image requires server side handler (example in PHP and ASP.NET for saving image is provided in the package).

Everything you need to create beautiful content. 

ContentBuilder.js provides you with 200+ beautifully designed content blocks. Content blocks are not just basic/individual elements (such as heading, paragraph or image). They are pre-designed content built for almost any mission.


Include jQuery and the plugin js/css files:

<link href="contentbuilder/contentbuilder.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<script src="contentbuilder/contentbuilder.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


var obj = $.contentbuilder({
     container: '.container'

To get the HTML content:

var html = obj.html();

Content/result can be viewed in all modern browsers. For editing, we recommend:

  • Recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera.
  • IE 10 or later.

ContentBuilder.js can also be used with/without popular css frameworks (Bootstrap & Foundation Examples Provided)

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