A VISUAL STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE (PDF E-Book) + SAMPLE PROJECT  For developers, web designers, companies and their startups

Developing a PHP Web Building Service

How to Develop a “Drag & Drop” Web Building Service for Anyone to Create Their Own Websites


This guide explains, in a simple step-by-step manner, how to develop a "drag & drop" web building service - we call it PageWithLove starting from a simple HTML5 page, and ending in showing you how to configure your hosting account to support multiple dynamically created websites.

Learn the system that lets users create their own websites using ContentBuilder.js

Learn the "secret" code behind dynamically created multisites with custom domain name support

Use, extend, and re-brand the project for commercial use

Note: A PHP hosting with 1 dedicated IP address is required to install the project.

What you'll learn..

Learn how to create "drag & drop" page builder (from chapter 2 & 12)

Learn how to create signup form for users to create their own websites (from Chapter 26)

And more.. (see Table of Contents)

Download Sample Chapters

Table of Contents

Chapter 1.  Getting Started
Chapter 2.  Content Builder
Chapter 3.  Saving Content Into MySQL Database
Chapter 4.  Friendly URL
Chapter 5.  Login & Logout
Chapter 6.  Multi Sites
Chapter 7.  Draft & Published Pages
Chapter 8.  Saving Images
Chapter 9.  Site Profile
Chapter 10. Modal Dialog
Chapter 11. Plugin
Chapter 12. Add & Delete Page
Chapter 13. Page Settings

Chapter 14. Header, Background & Cover
Chapter 15. View Pages
Chapter 16. Shortcode
Chapter 17. Page List
Chapter 18. Page History & Rollback
Chapter 19. Renaming Page
Chapter 20. Template
Chapter 21. Config File
Chapter 22. Dashboard
Chapter 23. Menu
Chapter 24. Design Options
Chapter 25. System Pages
Chapter 26. Multi Sites with Custom Domain

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