Beautiful writing templates for your websites

Writing Set for ContentBox.js

Writing Set for ContentBox.js provides 100+ section templates that users can choose to start writing in ContentBox.js.  It is not a usual template collection. It focuses on article writing with aesthetic and simplicity in style.

Note: If you haven't used ContentBox.js yet, get the package here.

Write an article like no other..

No overly busy layout or unnecessary cluttered elements. Each template provides you with a clear and clean aesthetically-designed writing style to deliver your message nicely.

100+ writing templates

Multiple categories

The Writing Set provides you with 100+ section templates (36 bases + 96 variants) in multiple categories.

Clean, Text-only Options

In addition to text with supporting images, the set includes text-only options for general purpose writing. You can also remove any background image to get the same text-only content.

Make your writing stand out

The Writing Set is uniquely created with detailed adjustment for each element style allowing ease of editing, ensuring readability, making your article or story stand out.