A Powerful jQuery Plugin for Content Designing is Finally Here!

ContentBox.js is a jQuery plugin for designing. Combined with ContentBuilder.js as its editor, ContentBox.js allows you to add multiple (editable) section in a page, ready to design and fill with content. The result is simply HTML ready for saving.

Note: For saving images, the plugin uses a simple PHP or ASP.Net helper (included in the package).
Saving content is part of your application.

ContentBox.js is a design engine for CMS & web applications

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No Complex Style Settings

ContentBox.js is designed to make designing fun & simple.


Sample designs created using ContentBox.js


Designing using ContentBox.js

Creating "Company Achievements" section
Duration: 43sec.

Creating "Coming Soon" section
Duration: 2 min.

Creating General Article
Duration: < 3 min.

Creating "Profile" section
Duration: 1min 7sec.

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New Version Special: 20% Off Until Saturday, Nov 25, 2017.

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Usage in hosted service (SaaS): Yes 
(1 project, unlimited users)

Resale in product: Yes 
(1 product)

Source Code: Yes

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Upgrade License

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ContentBox.js includes a limited version of ContentBuilder.js that can only be used with ContentBox.js. For more flexibility, we'd recommend ContentBuilder.js full package to be combined with ContentBox.js.


  • All modern browsers with HTML 5 Specification (Chrome, Firefox, IE - 10 or later, Safari).
ContentBox.js is client side javascript (a JQuery plugin). However, for saving images on the server, the plugin uses a simple PHP or ASP.Net helper: 
  • PHP 5.x (for PHP environment).
  • ASPNET Framework 4.x (for ASPNET environment).