A Page Designer Without Complexity

ContentBox.js 4.1

ContentBox.js is a page designer jQuery plugin. It uses ContentBuilder.js as its powerful HTML editor and adds unique design functions to produce awesome content. Use it to create your own CMS or online site builder.

Clean & minimalistic-designed templates

Section templates for any mission

A page can have multiple sections. Start with a simple section or choose from the templates library. All templates are clean & minimalistic-designed based on purposes so that you can choose easily and do the editing effortlessly.

Typography made easy

One click typography control

Browse a reasonable set of typography styles and apply it to a specific section or the entire page with a single click. More than just font selection, you will see font combination in context that you can evaluate easily from the preview list.

Create multi-section content with slider, video, animated background and many more. .

More fun with design

Essential settings to trigger more ideas

No complex style settings, just simple dialogs that you can play with to get the result or trigger more ideas. The controls are focused only on the essentials. 


Include the required js/css files and call:

     coverImageHandler: 'savecover.php', /* simple handler for image upload (can use other platform) */
     onChange: function () {

To get the HTML content:

var html = $('.is-wrapper').data('contentbox').html();

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Source Code: Yes

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ContentBox.js includes ContentBuilder.js (minified) for content editing that can only be used within ContentBox.js. For independent usage (outside of ContentBox.js), we recommend ContentBuilder.js full package.


  • All modern browsers with HTML 5 Specification (Chrome, Firefox, IE - 10 or later, Safari).

ContentBox.js is client side javascript (a JQuery plugin). However, for saving images on the server, server side script is needed. Example in PHP for saving image is provided. You can also create your own handler depending on your server side environment.