Beautifully Simple Book Maker JQuery Plugin

Create & host your own online book maker service for personal or commercial purposes. BookMaker.js is built to help users create printable & sharable books in a minimalist & elegant style. 

Recreate Boring Documents Into 
Minimalist & Elegant Publications

Helping You With The Content

Get ideas of what to include in your books. If you don't know how to start, what to add after the cover, how a thank you page should be created, or how to write an author bio, etc., just browse the template collection to get the ideas. 

Focusing on the Essentials

Beautiful templates based on purpose, not just random designs

From cover page to a 'thank you' page, you will find creation easy (more details below).

Basic guidance to create minimalist & elegant books

BookMaker.js provides only the essentials for generating minimalist & elegant books with simple editing interface.

For Startups & Developers

Create online book maker service

Use the plugin to create online book maker services for commercial use. No users limit. 

Sample project included

A simple PHP project is included to get you started quickly, so you don't have to implement the plugin from scratch. The sample project allows users to signup and create their own books.

Detailed Features

Ready templates based on purpose, not just random designs

Page templates are categorized based on what you need for your books, not just a variety of design styles that are overly complex or too specific. BookMaker.js page templates are simple & clear.

Whether you want a cover, a photo page, a story page, an about page, etc., you will find it's easy to create from the templates, without having to design from scratch.

Simple Text Control

No complex interface and no settings are hard to find and use. 

TIP: One of our favorite controls is letter spacing. Try increasing the value and you will see a nice typographic style for your book title.

A fine selection of fonts

You won't find a huge font list that is mixed up, hard to choose from, with many similar looking fonts or fonts that are overused. Instead, you will see a unique selection of fonts categorized by our recommended purposes (for title, paragraph or decorative elements). 

TIP: Try to randomly selecting the fonts for your book title and you will see what we mean. A simple, elegant looking title will most likely be generated for your book cover - even with random selection. Try the same with the content or paragraphs.

Magnetic Alignment

No rulers needed for correct text block alignment. Just place each block in its estimated position (center, left or right) and they will be aligned automatically.

Image color detection for easy reuse in your page

BookMaker.js provides you with color selection based on your image colors, as well as other color choices. In addition, gradient options are provided.

Assist you with consistency

When you change font, text size, etc., BookMaker.js will remember it and automatically add it in style selection so that you can reuse it throughout the book.

View your book in different sizes - thanks to the built-in auto-layout adjustment.

It is common in publication projects that once you finish your book, you cannot change its size. With BookMaker.js, you can! BookMaker.js provides you with a selection of book sizes where you can click and view the results immediately. BookMaker.js will help you adjust the layout (automatically) so that manual adjustment will be minimized.

Quick printing from your browser

This gives you flexibility according to your printing preferences. 

In Chrome you also have the option to print/save as PDF.

Create a PDF EBook

You have an option to setup and use a server side PDF creator to view and download your book as a PDF. While it is easier & faster to use your browser for printing or saving as PDF, this option is good and recommended alternative, considering that clients' browsers may not always be ready for PDF printing.

This option requires VPS hosting (step by step setup guide is provided in the package). There are many VPS you can find for as low as $5. Try a Google search to find them, or we can give a recommendation for you. 

Use your own signup and login page (PHP example provided)

BookMaker.js is very flexible in order to be combined with your own custom signup and login page or you can just use the provided example as is, so you can have a complete application right away and users can begin using. In addition, unregistered users can also try using the application (as a guest) for demonstration purpose.

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Usage in hosted service (SaaS): Yes 
(1 project, unlimited users)

Resale in product: Yes 
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Source Code: Yes

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  • All modern browsers with HTML 5 support (Chrome, Firefox, IE10 or later, Safari).
BookMaker.js is client side JavaScript (a JQuery plugin). However, for saving images & data on the server, the plugin uses simple PHP helpers - which you can convert to another platform if you want.